The Story Makers.

The Story Makers.

Friday, May 1, 2015

A Letter to my Sister.

Hello old friend.
It has been so long since I have written.
These days
there are so many other easier, quicker, faster ways to post a thought,
a photo, print a book, make a memory that it seems like only an
earth shattering event would get me to take the 
time to write an actual post.

I think this is how hand letter writing became so extinct.
We were like, why would I drag my hand across the page
to get inked, when I can just sit down and type a letter out?
.....and then, why waste a stamp when I can send a free email?
...... and then, why waste so many words and minutes when I can 
shoot out a text?
.....and then,
why use any words when a silly picture will do?

: ( 

But dang,
I was just going to sit down and write an actual letter to you,
and I was like......remember when you used to do that thing
with your mind and fingers working together?
You spent time,
 and thought about what you were feeling,
and what you really wanted to say?
.....and I was like.

The waxing can wait a few more hours.....wax doesn't burn
(I'm pretty sure).
I was thinking about you,
do all the time.
I saw Kelly Clarkson on American Idol a few weeks ago.
I really like her.
Some of her mannerisms, the way she talks with people,
and listens to them reminds me of you.
Then, this past weekend McCauley's chorus group 
performed several songs at her school's Back Yard Barbecue.
They are so good.
I love her teacher....she's so amazing.
The songs she picks with them are full of positive, thought
provoking messages.
Their last song was really powerful.......
I was like who is that?
I need that song for my own.....
Kelly Clarkson! Duh.
Beautiful.  When I found her new album on iTunes,
I really liked the whole I plucked it up.
I am going to send it your way too :)

Nothing earth shattering is happening around here.
No crisis.
Just life speeding by so fast.
Kids growing up.
Kitties getting big.
Field trips and stuff.

Another school year coming to an end.

That is what is catching up with me I think.
That, and I believe I am hitting menopause.

I am on the verge of a "Hot Mess" as they say,


I am a wreck for no reason.
Everything is soooooooooooo meaningful and good.
Or soooooooooo sad.
Everything is a miracle, or a travesty. 

I go out for milk and eggs and come back a sobbing puddle 
because of a song.
(two hours ago)

I go to my new JOB!! Whoohoo!
I am teaching once a week (for now) at South Beach Fitness.
Every Wednesday at 5:30 a.m.
I go and teach and come home in sobs because I am so happy, because
I am so happy, (yep, said it twice, at first by accident) 
and love my class so much.
I'm just grateful for that small change of circumstance in my life.
I'm grateful to see Heavenly Father's hand in my life.....
in seemingly small ways that have a major impact on ME.

I cry because the seminary year is almost over.
I can't say I've made a difference.
Some days are discouraging, some days are good.
Well no duh.

Wednesday I went to the Orlando temple with a dear friend,
it has been a while since I have gone.
Cry = Good.

Yesterday I went on a field trip with M to St. Augustine all day.
It was a lovely time.
Along with M, I enjoyed the company of
another friend I don't get enough time with.
I could've done without the fort tour....
but the Trolley ride killed me.
I could drive around all day in beautiful weather like we had.
It is a little like riding a motorcycle,
(but way more boring)
out in the open, just listening to the driver amble on 
about the past.....I loved it.
So peaceful and relaxing.

Today, now,
I just picked Lawson up from school.....he and Ryker are 
home with the flu.  I think this may make Lawson cry much more than
even me, cuz that means no going to the Avenger's Opening night tonight!
He was really trying to fight it off :(

Ryker's back has been bothering him....
only he has never really come to me or Kev and said,
putting his hand on our arm, looking us in the eye,
and saying the words,
"I need to see a doctor".
Soooooo, I haven't given it too much worry.
Until he got home from working at Huru last night.
He seemed to be really bothered by it 
(maybe it was coupled with flu symptoms....)
anyway.....a more serious discussion has been had, 
and appointments are in the works.

Eth is a few weeks away from graduating.
Wonderful......only, you know how it is my year to plan Kev and 
I's yearly get-a-way over my birthday week?
Well, I had been searching, and looking, and planning, and scheming 
for several weeks, months, trying to get my surprise trip 
and YEAH!! 
Thanks to numerous tips and suggestions,
and my own research,
I finally feel like I've nailed it.
I worked the dates out with Kevin and his work schedule.
As well as mom and dad to come stay with the kids.
K gave me the go ahead to book it!
So I did.  
Threw down the green backs....well, my plastic anyway. 
Turned down the optional trip insurance - duh.

and then LOW AND BEHOLD...
The next day I had the realization that we would be
missing Ethan's High school graduation,
as-well-as his seminary graduation that he is speaking at.

So yeah.
I messed up.
As a mother I blew it.
I'm sure it will not be the last time.

I have heard about my error from just about everyone.....
except, turns out, from Kevin, cuz I (evidently) forgot to tell him 
that detail about our trip dates.

Well, he knows now, as of two nights ago.
He is not impressed.
We discussed it during and after dinner......Ethan was not 
privy to the discussion,
but luckily Lawson caught it on his camera phone,
in two segments.

Turns out being the best entertainment any of us has had
 in weeks,
the highlight reel includes Kev's very classy,

"You know what I look like don't you???,
You basically know what I smell like.....right??

I'm thinking, very easily....that's how.
I feel like that's all I've been talking about, I thought you were included 
in some of those talks.

L also caught my legendary response,
"This ""event"" in Ethan's life is minuscule in my opinion
compared to what is coming down the pike....
I am not going to pass a ""Golden Nugget" because I made 
a mistake.
My PARENTS are going to be here in our place!
It is NOT the end of the world.

So anyway....that's basically what's happening in our neck of the woods.
How bout you??

Love you so much!!!!

Melissa ;)

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Disney - Thank you. Lesson Learned.

Hello, I have a really good story to tell.
It is happy,
then scary,
then sad,
then really surprising,
then what you would imagine,
coupled with a spiritual twist I hadn't anticipated 
all from our one day girls trip to Disney.

I hope you stick with me on this slightly quite embarrassing 
little journey McCauley and I took yesterday.
It is only bad form on one of our parts, that would be me.

Ok, real quick to get you up to speed.
The three brothers and Kevin take a "boys only" (no duh) hunting 
trip to South Dakota each year during the last week of October.
I'm not saying M and I look forward to their departure,
but we do enjoy our "girl only" time.

This year we wanted to do something really great!
At least I did....I had this crazy idea to finally take M to 
Disney World!
Magic Kingdom!!
The land where every kid's dream comes true.
M has always thought it would be fun to try out.
Us being so close, it seemed a travesty that she has been deprived
for so long.

So I put a little feeler out on my FaceBook page to get 
all the seasoned veterans favorite hints and tips for having 
the perfect day at Disney, and for saving green backs in the process.

I received several great pointers.
One that I just brushed over at first was to get our tickets online 
at Space Coast Craigs list.
ehhhhh, I don't know, sounded a little iffy.
But as time went on, and I started really looking into cost, etc.
I thought.....what would it hurt to take a gander?
So I looked a few times,
even tried to contact a few sellers that looked promising.
Some people had left over Magic Kingdom tickets from 
family reunions, or events that they over purchased for, and so forth.
No one ever got back to me.

Time was drawing down to the wire.  
Finally on Sunday eve, 
M and I decide that really Monday was the day that
would work out best for us this week.

So I am getting ready to purchase our tickets on the Disney official web site,
but at the last second decide to take one more fast peak at 
Craigs list to be sure no new posts have popped up.
What do you know??
One had.....
the individual had three tickets, good at any park, 
expiration in May of 2015.
He had gotten them for doing contract work for Disney at one of their 
parks as a welder.
He was not personally going to use the tickets so was selling them
for a discount....$70 each.

Well, this looks legit.....right?
I text him.
He (Kyle) responded quickly.
Answered all my questions,
soothed my concerns.
We made arrangements to meet at the 
Super Walmart McDonalds in Orlando.....
about 20minutes out of our way,
but for a significant savings......Well worth it....right??

M and I are pumped!
We pack our day packs.
Lay out our clothes, we decided on wearing our tennis shoes for 
all day comfort, but we brought our flip flops in case our
feet got wet.
We thought of everything.
The Bishop agreed to substitute for seminary so we could bug
out right after I did early morning sculpt. 
We retired early after watching a few episodes of
Sabrina the Teenage Witch.

We left in the morning as planned.
We made it to the Walmart.....texted Kyle a few minutes before
arriving as arranged.
We did our snack shopping.
Milled around.
Kept texting, then voice calling.
Started getting a little depressed, thinking we had been stood up.
We sent one more text saying we were heading out....
and ps - thanks for nothing.

What do you know......there he is....Kyle thought we meant 
we were heading out at 8:00a.m., not arriving then.
He had been asleep....please give him 15 min, 
he is driving now.
No sorry about that.
Wow! I guess it's all ok!
We are good to go still M!
I was nervous for a sec.
We ate some of our Disney snacks and waited.
We were looking for a guy in an orange shirt.
Finally he showed up.

We made the exchange, $140 for two shiny new Disney Tickets!
Easy Peesy.
Ok, well, he says, so nice to meet you.
Have a wonderful time.

M and I drive off, now onto our final destination!
We are cranking Frank Sinatra because it reminds us of Disney.
We arrive, 
pay the $18 for parking, 
and begin the long trek to get over to the actual park.
Monorail, Ferry, Trolly.....good grief.
What ev though.....I guess this is all just part of the fun....right???
This is where the sad and scary part happen.

We finally get to the ticket gate, where you touch your ticket 
to the Mickey Mouse head and it lights up green to let you enter
the place of Magic, 
or it is blue....and you are denied entrance.
Everybody was breezing though.
Me and M touch our cards......the cast member takes a double
take....Oh, ooops, looks like these cards are expired.
Don't worry, just take them over to our Customer Service windows 
and they will help sort things out for you.

O h  m y  g o s h .
Oh no.
There is nothing to sort out.
I have made a bad choice.
I rolled the dice and did not win......
(as I, like a huge lameo, said in early morning sculpt).
I knew I was taking a gamble, but my gut felt good.
So I proceeded.

I did not want to go to the window.
What was she supposed to
Oh, I'm really sorry you decided to go an iffy route and 
completely cut Disney out of the deal.
Sorry you got burned.

I felt ashamed.
Horrible for my mistake and bad for M.

I gave the cast member (that is what Disney helpers/workers are called)
our tickets, and said that the other gentleman had said they 
were expired.
She, Mindi (I remember because that was my nick name growing up,
but I spelled mine with a y at the end)
confirmed, that yes, they had been two day park hoppers
and had been used last year.

Had I gotten these from someone?
Yes, I told her what I'd done.
I said, I know it's my fault, I should never have been so 
I know better.
Would she mind just selling me a new set of tickets now?
Of course.

She made a copy of the used tickets, and gave it me.
She voided the counterfeit ones. 
Who knows, maybe you will be able to get some of your money back.
That was sweet, but we both knew the listing would be 
taken down and my buddy Kyle would never respond to 
another text.
Mindi and I discuss ticket options.
One day, $105.
 Ok, so is that the Florida resident price?
Yes, the only ticket with a discount is our park hopper....
no that won't work for us.
Well, she will get a discount as a child.
No, she is 10 already, but thanks.
We need two adult tickets.

I look at M.
We have a quiet conversation while Mindi is hooking us
up from behind the glass.
She's like, mom, we don't even have to do this.

Yes, we are doing it.
It was my mistake, we are absolutely going forward.
Please don't let this ruin your day.
Really, it is fine.
Just shake it off.

The next part is the very surprising part.

Mindi had been working a while, documenting and filling 
out little slips, etc. etc.
I thought nothing more than she was reporting 
a customer incident.
She had me fill some forms in, sign, and so forth.

As she is sending my receipt through the slot to sign.
I see that this is the first one,
as I sign she says,
I only charged you for one ticket.
I look up.
I don't say the word, but my face asks it.
Then she says, I wrote you out an extra fast pass to use in case you girls
aren't able to get on one of the busier rides.
I included two free ice cream bars for later when you need a snack.

I thought nothing of cheating YOU.
You owe me nothing.
I did something wrong.....I am the once that needs to pay full price.
I am the one that is due a lesson here.....not this unearned 
compassion and mercy.

You can imagine my immediate emotion.
It was a gift of high proportions for me.
A generous showing of non-judgement. 
An unearned kindness given happily and freely,
without strings.

I thanked her, went straight to the rest room and cried my eyes out. 
Had M return her pen which I'd stolen,
and we were off again to begin this day of all days.

We did all the stuff "you have to do" at Disney.....
whilst battling the masses.
Turns out next week starts the off season.....
oh, that makes sense.  

Share a giant pork shank.

Figure out how to utilize the new 
Fast Pass system efficiently.
It took us a while.....buuuuttttt

Rode Splash Mountain, not once, but TWICE.
We decided this is our favorite ride.
I love this little scene in the ride with the lanterns.
As evening came on it really became lovely.

Turns out my friend Christi had the best idea after all....
at one point during the day
I heard myself say, 
who in their right mind would come here before 4pm ever??
Besides us......everyone! 
Along with their strollers, carts, rolling contraptions, of
all shapes and sizes,
motorized and not.

The Not So Spooky Halloween would have been a lovely fit.
4 - 11pm.....around $75 per person. live and learn, that's why we are here.....right????

Cute girl.
We got our cool hat photos.
Or maybe it is buy a cool hat.... 
.....close enough.

We did this ride.
The car that takes the strength of a full sized man to push
the gas pedal down on.
My quads were burning on this one.
I tell you I learned so much from yesterday.
Soooooo much.
I believe it was worth that extra $140.
You know what Kyle.....keep it dude,
Keep the Karma that comes with it my friend.

I hope someone can learn from my error.
Through my Disney Eyes:

Here is me at first.....thinking I can have my cheap 
tickets AND get into the park.
LaDaDa, DaDaDaDaDaaaaaaaaaa!!
 Here is Satan.....I mean Kyle.....everything looked so legit.
I really believed.
I trusted him.
 Here I am trapped by my own choices, in a dumb stupor.
Having made my choices.....needing help.
 Is it too far a reach to say that it was a really spiritual experience
for me?
Can I gain a better appreciation for Christ's atonement
through an experience I had at Disney?

Well, I did.
I really did.
I won't put it into words, but my testimony of what Christ 
offers each of us every day has become a little brighter 
from this experience.
I have a clearer understanding.....
the gift of the atonement is an on going gift,
not something to save and utilize once at the end of our life.
We need repentance, and forgiveness on an ongoing basis.
Christ can bring what's owed back (yet again) to Zero.

We screw up, and he doesn't say, sorry sister,
I wish you had chosen better.
You made your bed, now you get to sleep in it.
He says,
I can help YOU.
I want to help YOU.
There is no deserving about it,
I love YOU.
I insist.
and by the way, you are worth it.

There is so much counterfeit in this world.
So many choices and options that look to be almost right.
There are shortcuts to get us no where fast.

This experience has been a powerful reminder that
the best place for real truth is to go to the source.
Whether that be the Savior, or the actual Disney website....
it is not worth the risk taking a chance on a promised discount.
Pay full price for your ticket.
Pay the cost for your discipleship, and personal testimony.
This is the only way you can be sure that it 
truly belongs to you.
You won't get far on someone else's used ticket or knowledge.
The sure way offers coverage, replacement, guarantee, 
peace of mind, and comfort. 
Not sure if that makes as much sense for you in the retelling, 
as it did for me in the living, and reviewing over and over.

In the end.
Would I do it again?
Same way?
I'd have to, or I wouldn't get this cool experience.

Would I ever choose to go to Disney again?

Hands down.....Disney's cast members are above and beyond.
I can say nothing but good about the park, and service.
But I swear.....these parks are just not my thing.
Once again, I don't get it.

Here is what I do get.
I get spending time with this person.
But truthfully,
I think we have an even better time eating cheese and crackers
on our couch, going through our magazines,
 and watching
Sabrina the Teenage Witch, or Dancing with the Stars.
Or going garage sale, and thrift store shopping with $5 - $20 
in our pockets.
It is the time spent.....not the location, the cost, 
or the popularity of the thing.
 Maybe M would say something else entirely.
She spent her money, $18 on a cute little soft cat souvenir...
I said you have two soft real kitties at home, are you sure it's worth it?
 She said she wanted to walk out of the park holding her own 
Disney bag like everyone else.
ok, then.
Well worth it. 

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Reading....I'm pretty Sure I'm not Middle Aged yet.

I just finished listening to the book,
Tex, by S.E. Hinton.
I will admit I totally enjoyed it.

Lately I have been trying to ramp myself up on the "classics".
I am curious as to how I missed (or avoided) all these 
books while I was personally in school.
I am very interested in what our kids are being fed, 
and reading these days.
I want to stay in the know and on top
of the good, and other possibilities that may 
come their way,
if for no other reason then to be able to have a 
conversation about what they are reading 
and doing in school.

I have always heard the book title, 
The Catcher in the Rye
thrown around by everyone, who has ever read anything,
of any consequence.
So I thought I may as well tackle that title first.
Plus I knew that E had read it last year.

Check mark. Done. 
Pretty easy read.

It was decent, Ethan said he didn't enjoy it at all.
That all the main character ever said in it, over and over, was how phony
everyone was.
Well, that was true.....
E tried to find his essay for me to read that he had written the 
previous year, I would have enjoyed reading that, 
but in the end
he couldn't locate it.

The main thing that I was surprised at was 
where the title had come from, 
what part it played in the book.
I really don't want to spoil it for you.....just in case you want to read it.
But I was like, huh.
That's interesting to.
The book was short, I laughed a bit, cried a bit, 
it kept my attention. 
I believe there was some value to take away.

Soon after
I tried to read one of Ethan's AP novels as well.
I was like, I'm going to read right along with you son.
You can't stop me.
He was in the middle of Moby Dick, and on his way 
toward One Hundred Years of Solitude......(yawnsville!)

Watt was the third on the list....I had some time. 
Not a terribly long book.
I felt pretty smug, (whatever that means, seems to fit here)
as I began to read.

E was like, mom, what are you doing?
You are not going to enjoy that book.
You are not going to finish it,
it will be way over your head.

Excuse me sir?
Um, you may be surprised dear boy.
I think I can muster my way though it hon.

The hours crawled by.
The pages were very slow to turn.
The writer never indented!!
There were no breaks in the page....just solid rectangles.
The drivel would never stop.

I am not one to get headaches, but this CRAP
was weighing me down.
I was not getting one ounce of anything out of reading this
garbage, (IMO).

I had to go  went to the kids school open houses last week.
I was interested in E's AP Literature teacher.

Who was this mad man?
By the end of his presentation I kinda liked him as a teacher,
and felt like Ethan will, in all actuality, benefit from being in his class.

I raised my hand at the end,
and asked if he would mind summarizing the
book Watt.....seems like a huge amount of crap to me,
and there was no way possible I was going to be able to 
wallow through it.
 Yet, I was still curious as to what the 
point of, and story line was for the book.

He got his copy out of his desk drawer and showed it.
It was marked, tagged, ragged, haggard, broken spine,
and barely hanging together.....

I was like, whoops, now I've insulted this guy about 
his favorite book of all times.
He said you know what I did the first time I tried reading
I threw it against the wall and broke the spine.

phew. redeemed.

Since that time he has read it numerous times and fallen in love with 
it, but it had been a rough start.

He never did summarize it.
Guess I will have to google at some point if I really want to know.

I guess E was right.
He said mom, don't bother, just read the books you enjoy.

I do love reading and learning.
I love to see our kids reading.
Why don't schools do READATHONS anymore?

Didn't you used to love those so much?
Sitting around with pillows and blankets in jammies,
eating and sharing all our favorite treats.
Those were the best of times.

I wish I could stay awake longer when I read.
Even with books I am very interested in....
I still need many 
walking, standing, resting my eyes breaks that I wish I didn't.

Kids are so lucky....but they don't know it until it is too late and 
they are looking back.
I know it is the same for all of us.
We can't tell them anything they don't already know.

Listen to me.
Am I middle aged?
Seriously, am I?
I have become the mother of three teenagers....
and one more on the way.

Here is the reason I felt like writing this post:

I just finished listening to the book Tex like I said before.
I love to listen while I fold clothes, clean the kitchen, cook, 
what not.....

as I was listening,
and feeling so involved in these two brothers lives,
I was listening to their story from their Mother's point of view.


They were seventeen and fourteen years of age.
I have one of each.

That was kind of surreal for me.
I am usually the girlfriend, the wife, the friend, the hot neighbor, 
or the main character.

My position in life has shifted.....
maybe that is too dramatic, but dang if it did not surprise me.

I was proud of those brothers.
I was disappointed, worried, and very interested in their 
well being.

I'm excited to see the movie is Disney,
maybe it will be appropriate and enjoyable for the whole 

I just put a hold on it at the library.

Ok, I think I know what Watt is about....
I believe the author is trying to get you to experience
what it is like to be inside an insane person's mind,
and follow their thought process.

and still no thank yee.
This is my best guess.

See if you can handle it!!
Do you have the gut, and grit to go in the mind of madness??

Monday, August 18, 2014

5.29 Hours In My Head......

First Where in the world did I get 5.29 Hours??
Glad you asked,
that is my official 
2014 Park City Marathon Time.
I was really planning to beat 5 hours.....
turns out
coming in under 5.30.
Beat my 1st marathon by 9 minutes.
(official numbers below)

Let me start by saying,
I never planned to run a 2nd marathon.
Truthfully I never planned to run the first.
Turns out I will run 26.2 miles for only a few,
very limited reasons: 

An EXTREMELY good cause - My Dear Friend surviving 
Thyroid Cancer, and her requesting we do it. 
if you didn't, you might still want to take another gander,
totally worth it!

And the second reason.....and this one was a bit of a long shot,
my sister Amy wanted to run Park City together......

"Aim, no.  Really, there is just no way.  I  can't.  I won't."

"Well, how about I get you a Buddy Pass so you can come out 
here to Utah for FREE."


Basically that was it.
Let the torture begin.

I ran into some major Low Ferritin issues while training in Florida.
This is a real long story in itself.....
I won't bore you,
I will just say that once I got checked and hooked up with the right
I began to get some energy back and could muster a bit more running.
Truth be told again,
I am startled and embarrassed to say I only made it to mile
SIXTEEN = 16 prior to my marathon.
I can promise that is quite terrifying.

that was really the least of my worries.

A few days before my departure date Kev gets called on an emergency
trip to Honduras.

I have plenty to say on that,
none of it helpful.
He feels bad.
I feel bad. 

kids are old enough to watch themselves for a few days.
But still....

Thanks to all our friends who stepped up with play dates,
rides to registration,
You are so wonderful.
Our kids were surrounded by loving support on all sides.
Thank you.
Flying stand by scared the dickens out of me.....
but I made it without much drama at all.
Arrived at my parents to my dads Cheeze Its sign.
(How do you like Kevin's hair? Crazy huh??)
I brought a suit case of clothes for the cousins....
they gave a HECK of a fashion/dance show!
I enjoyed all the usual antics with my family.
 Amy and I ran our short 3 miler to keep lubed up 
a few days before our race.
She is always complaining about our action shots....
So here is one that you look good and I am blurry.
Feel better?
I LOVE the flowers, and everything green and growing here....
but mostly I LOVE the air.
A.I.R.  yum. it is so crispy, and invigorating in the mornings.
Plus, my hair is like fine silk in Utah.
Good hair every day!!
We totally live in the wrong state.....dang it.
 We did hair, feet, Canasta playing.....THANK YOU FAMILY.
 We ate amazing fresh produce from my parents garden.
but mostly, and especially PEACHES!! 
Tons of them every day, 
who knows why there is no picture of the 
best part of my trip.....when speaking of the food part.
I was able to catch up with a few favorite girl friends for lunch.
Vanessa, Christi (visiting), Emily (just moved there),
and Shelly not pictured : (
FUN!! know it!
I went on a motorcycle ride with my brother, dad, and young 
nephew Archer.
Heck YEAH I think I'm cool.
We went up Easy was Beautiful.
Thanks Jas.
 Time to get serious.
The evening before the race we stayed at my sister and 
brother in law's home in Park City.
They fed us a deluxe meal, and we got off to bed at a decent hour.

That does not necessarily mean we slept.
no duh....right?

The next morning HB got up at 5:00am with us and 
drove Amy and I to the starting line.
Compared to Disney, 
the place was deserted.
A total ghost town.
Luckily, by about 6:15, people began to trickle in.
Race began at 6:30.
First 3 or so miles were super chilly.
The first half was not too shabby.
Park City is out of this world Gorgeous Scenery.
Lots to look at.
LOTS of rolling hills.
Hot air balloons, Shoe trees, a few people dressed up for the race,
 - Gumby and Wonder Woman.
Amy ran into one of her Cross Fit Idols......Chris Something,
it was fun getting her a picture with him.
There was one lady with her name on her shirt......Deb.
We had some good conversation.....she and her hubby are 
trying to run a marathon in every state, they are on their 
28th I think she said.
Go Deb!
You can't really tell in the photo, but there were some 
steep climbs my friends.
I was an air sucking dizzy girl.
We did a lot of walking on the hills, 
and then sometimes on 
the dirt paths, well, and eventually every so often on the flat gravel,
and, oh yeah, downhill sometimes to,
....that was the option
available to us.
Whatever our body would allow, that's what we would do.
"You get what you get and you don't have a fit." 

The best part of the marathon.....
as well as in life,
was our personal support crew.
Our very own Cheer leaders.
The people that love us, and want us to finish our race.
The face below is the face of truth.
You are so happy to see your people.

Your team feeds you much needed high fives,
words of encouragement,
needed advice,
they get you tums for cramping,
they will do whatever you need.
They are THERE for you, and you know this.
You know this, and gosh dang,
they say you can do it,
and you believe them.

Every so often your crew may tell you
little half truths......things like; 
"You are almost there."
"You just have this one last hill and then you've made it."
"Ok, just one more tiny blip and you are home free."
"You're looking strong."

When you see your team in the distance
you get really pumped.
You get a second, third, or forth wind.....
sometimes you fake it for them.
But that is called being a team....give and take,
all working for the cause of finishing a hard thing.
I sure like these photos.
Thank you HB, dad, Trav.
The very best and most wonderful team members
will want to capture your run for you.
They have been there before.....or somewhere like it, 
and will know it will be meaningful to you once you are no longer sore,
and your medal is put away.
Races are always way better when you look
BACK on them.
They just don't seem so child birth I guess.
Oh.... hey, look....I did it.
It's done.
It already sounds so easy.
 Look at this crew!
Love you guys!
I liked the other pictures.....but I LOVE these the best.
Happy, Happy, Happy!
 Gimping and limping, some light, to severe cramping of muscles, 
Big deal right?
Besides the loss of a few toenails, 
all will be back to normal in less than three days time.
Is it worth it?

Once again, I wouldn't trade it......
 but you could not pay me less than $500 to do it again.
I'm serious.....
that plus plane tickets,
got it?
Don't even try.
The money would need to be paid in cash upon crossing the finish line.
The minute I cross.
I would never do it again for a dime less.

Park City Marathon - Race Results
Park City Marathon - Results
Park City, UT USA
August 16, 2014
Finishers: 243, Males - 149 , Females - 94
Male Winner: 2:42:39 | Female Winner: 3:12:22
Average Finish Time: 4:33:38 

Amy DRAKE (F)5:39:3022385 / 11F35-39CENTERVILLE, UT, USA
Melissa CHRISTENSEN (F)5:29:4621583 / 18F40-44SATELLITE BEACH, FL, USA