The Story Makers.

The Story Makers.

Friday, May 1, 2015

A Letter to my Sister.

Hello old friend.
It has been so long since I have written.
These days
there are so many other easier, quicker, faster ways to post a thought,
a photo, print a book, make a memory that it seems like only an
earth shattering event would get me to take the 
time to write an actual post.

I think this is how hand letter writing became so extinct.
We were like, why would I drag my hand across the page
to get inked, when I can just sit down and type a letter out?
.....and then, why waste a stamp when I can send a free email?
...... and then, why waste so many words and minutes when I can 
shoot out a text?
.....and then,
why use any words when a silly picture will do?

: ( 

But dang,
I was just going to sit down and write an actual letter to you,
and I was like......remember when you used to do that thing
with your mind and fingers working together?
You spent time,
 and thought about what you were feeling,
and what you really wanted to say?
.....and I was like.

The waxing can wait a few more hours.....wax doesn't burn
(I'm pretty sure).
I was thinking about you,
do all the time.
I saw Kelly Clarkson on American Idol a few weeks ago.
I really like her.
Some of her mannerisms, the way she talks with people,
and listens to them reminds me of you.
Then, this past weekend McCauley's chorus group 
performed several songs at her school's Back Yard Barbecue.
They are so good.
I love her teacher....she's so amazing.
The songs she picks with them are full of positive, thought
provoking messages.
Their last song was really powerful.......
I was like who is that?
I need that song for my own.....
Kelly Clarkson! Duh.
Beautiful.  When I found her new album on iTunes,
I really liked the whole I plucked it up.
I am going to send it your way too :)

Nothing earth shattering is happening around here.
No crisis.
Just life speeding by so fast.
Kids growing up.
Kitties getting big.
Field trips and stuff.

Another school year coming to an end.

That is what is catching up with me I think.
That, and I believe I am hitting menopause.

I am on the verge of a "Hot Mess" as they say,


I am a wreck for no reason.
Everything is soooooooooooo meaningful and good.
Or soooooooooo sad.
Everything is a miracle, or a travesty. 

I go out for milk and eggs and come back a sobbing puddle 
because of a song.
(two hours ago)

I go to my new JOB!! Whoohoo!
I am teaching once a week (for now) at South Beach Fitness.
Every Wednesday at 5:30 a.m.
I go and teach and come home in sobs because I am so happy, because
I am so happy, (yep, said it twice, at first by accident) 
and love my class so much.
I'm just grateful for that small change of circumstance in my life.
I'm grateful to see Heavenly Father's hand in my life.....
in seemingly small ways that have a major impact on ME.

I cry because the seminary year is almost over.
I can't say I've made a difference.
Some days are discouraging, some days are good.
Well no duh.

Wednesday I went to the Orlando temple with a dear friend,
it has been a while since I have gone.
Cry = Good.

Yesterday I went on a field trip with M to St. Augustine all day.
It was a lovely time.
Along with M, I enjoyed the company of
another friend I don't get enough time with.
I could've done without the fort tour....
but the Trolley ride killed me.
I could drive around all day in beautiful weather like we had.
It is a little like riding a motorcycle,
(but way more boring)
out in the open, just listening to the driver amble on 
about the past.....I loved it.
So peaceful and relaxing.

Today, now,
I just picked Lawson up from school.....he and Ryker are 
home with the flu.  I think this may make Lawson cry much more than
even me, cuz that means no going to the Avenger's Opening night tonight!
He was really trying to fight it off :(

Ryker's back has been bothering him....
only he has never really come to me or Kev and said,
putting his hand on our arm, looking us in the eye,
and saying the words,
"I need to see a doctor".
Soooooo, I haven't given it too much worry.
Until he got home from working at Huru last night.
He seemed to be really bothered by it 
(maybe it was coupled with flu symptoms....)
anyway.....a more serious discussion has been had, 
and appointments are in the works.

Eth is a few weeks away from graduating.
Wonderful......only, you know how it is my year to plan Kev and 
I's yearly get-a-way over my birthday week?
Well, I had been searching, and looking, and planning, and scheming 
for several weeks, months, trying to get my surprise trip 
and YEAH!! 
Thanks to numerous tips and suggestions,
and my own research,
I finally feel like I've nailed it.
I worked the dates out with Kevin and his work schedule.
As well as mom and dad to come stay with the kids.
K gave me the go ahead to book it!
So I did.  
Threw down the green backs....well, my plastic anyway. 
Turned down the optional trip insurance - duh.

and then LOW AND BEHOLD...
The next day I had the realization that we would be
missing Ethan's High school graduation,
as-well-as his seminary graduation that he is speaking at.

So yeah.
I messed up.
As a mother I blew it.
I'm sure it will not be the last time.

I have heard about my error from just about everyone.....
except, turns out, from Kevin, cuz I (evidently) forgot to tell him 
that detail about our trip dates.

Well, he knows now, as of two nights ago.
He is not impressed.
We discussed it during and after dinner......Ethan was not 
privy to the discussion,
but luckily Lawson caught it on his camera phone,
in two segments.

Turns out being the best entertainment any of us has had
 in weeks,
the highlight reel includes Kev's very classy,

"You know what I look like don't you???,
You basically know what I smell like.....right??

I'm thinking, very easily....that's how.
I feel like that's all I've been talking about, I thought you were included 
in some of those talks.

L also caught my legendary response,
"This ""event"" in Ethan's life is minuscule in my opinion
compared to what is coming down the pike....
I am not going to pass a ""Golden Nugget" because I made 
a mistake.
My PARENTS are going to be here in our place!
It is NOT the end of the world.

So anyway....that's basically what's happening in our neck of the woods.
How bout you??

Love you so much!!!!

Melissa ;)


Anonymous said...

This is your mother speaking! Enjoyed your sweet comments about a hand written letter. I love to get them and I love to send them. However, I realize I don't do it very often.
I am still very sad that you will be missing the graduations but that's the way things are working out. We will enjoy the priviledge of filling in!
Love you all tons!
P.S. Those hot flashes are the worst! Being on an antidepresent makes it so I don't cry very easily...but dad makes up for it!

Heather Barker said...

Wow - took me long enough to respond. THANK YOU for this amazing gift. I love reading everything you write!! And I love seeing Mom make a comment. I have received some pretty sweet hand written letters from our folks. I am so glad you are happy with your new job. I love that you are enjoying womanhood in natures way...sounds awesome. I'm not going to bust your chops for missing one of the milestones in your child'd life :) and I am curious about WHERE you are going for your trip...maybe you will write about it? I've had a hard time thinking of things to write and now i just thought of several that would have been better than what I did...oh well. Love you. HB

P.S. THANK YOU for the CD...enjoying it!!